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North Plains, Oregon 97133

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Browns Architectural Sheetmetal, Inc., is a team of experienced craftsman, managers, mentors and supervisors that are all in the pursuit of carrying on the trade of custom architectural sheet metal fabrication and installation procedures. We are an a cutting edge economy with innovational designs, but there is something that is still impressive with how introductory sheet metal is fabricated using only the basic tools/equipment and coming up with the most intricate product. Now with advanced sheet metal products, equipment and tools in our hands combined with our craftsmanship it is even more compelling to observe the fabrication process and thrilling to see our end product being installed.

Browns began operations in May of 1990 with the commitment to the enhancement of sheet metal craftsmanship. The advancement of design needs, along with the fabrication procedures and those integral installation applications, are the key ingredients in providing a Browns customer with a positive project. 

We believe that the knowledge of combining the practices and procedures of yesterday as well as newly developed concepts are integral to the Browns "Full Circle" way of thinking. We welcome the advancement of equipment and tools that are required in the application of all building materials in order to achieve a successful project.
Marc Brown is the President of Browns Architectural Sheetmetal, Inc., and is steadfast about his pursuit of sheet metal creativity and application enhancement. With Marc's personal thirty-two years of experience working in the sheet metal industry, he has remained unchanged in his perception of providing quality craftsmanship work.

​Browns Architectural Sheetmetal, Inc has been committed to providing architectural sheet metal needs in commercial, industrial and residential buildings throughout the construction industry for over twenty-three years in the greater northwest of Oregon and Washington. Browns has been located in North Plains since early 2004 and prior to that, we were located in Hillsboro.

Our focus as a subcontractor in the construction industry is to assist in the completion of each project, while working hand in hand with the general contractor to meet and exceed their expectations along with the owners.

At Browns Architectural Sheetmetal, Inc. we’ll give your project the utmost attention to detail and make sure your design is executed to every pertinent component you requested. Let us put our experience to work for you and show you what quality craftsmanship can look like when combined with the new and old styles of the sheet metal trade.